Kerala, TECOM getting ready for SmartCity Kochi meeting on March 16

The proposal for the Rs15bn SmartCity, a knowledge township in Kochi, has received a fresh impetus with both Kerala and Dubai officials reciprocating their keenness to pull the project out of limbo.

Both sides are getting ready for the next director board meeting scheduled for March 16.

Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan’s statement in the State Assembly the other day, doubting that the global meltdown might hamper the project, had put off Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (TECOM) officials since they felt the delay had really been on account of cumbersome procedures in Kerala.

Reacting to the statement, Smart City CEO Fareed Abdul Rehman told reporters in Dubai last week that he did not know teh basis of Chief Minister’s apprehensions.

The financial meltdown had not affected the project and the groundwork and design of project were progressing well.

That phase of mutual doubts is apparently over. Both Kerala Cooperation Minister S Sarma and Fareed Abdul Rehman welcomed statements on either side.

Sarma said today that doors were open for TECOM and they could approach the State Government any time for the land registration process.

He was awaiting the arrival of TECOM officials and there were no hurdles to registering the land for the SmartCity project in the name of TECOM.

Reportedly, Rehman also promptly welcomed the Kerala Government statement that it was ready to initiate the registration process anytime and that the formalities could be completed in ten minutes.

Reciprocating Sarma’s statement that there would be no delay in signing the deal, Rehman said there would be no delay from their side too.



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