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Lulu Mall Kochi opening on March 10, 2013

Lulu mall, anticipated to be the fourth largest mall in India , following High Street Phoenix Mall of Mumbai 360,000 m2 (3,900,000 sq ft), Orchid Ozone Mall of Mumbai 324,000 m2 (3,490,000 sq ft) and will be bigger than the Metro Walk Mall of Delhi 2,600,000 sq ft (240,000 m2). The mall will be the size of eighteen football grounds and 60% of the size of The Dubai Mall.

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The mall, in the Edapally area of Kochi, covers 17 acres and includes a large ice rink, muliplex cinema, restaurants, a Lulu hypermarket and a bowling alley. The developer is also building a Marriott hotel as part of the complex.

Signage describes the development as "India's largest shopping mall", but information available elsewhere suggests that it will be India's fourth-biggest mall. It is expected to create direct employment for about 8,000 staff.

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