The Dubai based builders Tecom has made made it clear that it would wait for only another two months for the state government's nod to go ahead wth the Kochi Smart City project.

Fareed Abdul Rahman CEO of Smart City project said that it involves crores of rupees and if no progress is made in this regard within two months legal steps would be pursued. He was talking to reporters here Friday before the board of directors' meeting.

Abdul Rahman said that M A Yusuf Ali is not a mediator for the issues related to Smart City project. He is a representative of the government. The government used the word 'representative', he insisted.

He said that he is ready to hold talks with Yusuf Ali in his capacity as a representative. A mediator should be a person who is acceptable to both the parties and he should be selected through a joint discussion held between the two parties. Nothing of that sort has happened, he said.


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