100 floored Building to come up in Kochi

Kochi Trade Centre

100 floored Tower to come up in Kalamaserry, Kochi, Kerala

(By Zoom Developers)

  • 100 floored Trade center

  • 2 car parkings of 10 and 12 floor each(Total 22000 cars)

  • 30 floored 5 star hotel

  • Total 44 lakh sq ft

  • Convention and Exhibition centre in another 5 floors

  • Artificial lake,food village, Childrens' park, etc all designed in Singapore model.Designed by Singapore CPG group.

  • Estimated cost 1000 crores

  • This project will change the face of Kochi.Instead of fishings nets, this will be a land mark of kochi.

  • The project is awaiting environment clearance

News Source : Metro Manorama

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Sabija said...


Fantastic!!!! Are all the floors above ground level or below???? The major cities of globe viz Newyork, London, Paris, Kakkanad, Berlin, Hongkong etc realllllly require buildings of this type. May smaller towns like Dubai, Sydney, Amsterdam etc….etc…. copy the development of Kakkanad and start prospering!!!!!

100’s of sweet dreams


Sunil said...

Let Kochi beat Mumbai in the skyscraper domain.

Anonymous said...

People of KERALA has a habit of stating

100 STORIED COCHIN or KOCHI TOWER is a perfect example of these saying .

WARNING : DAY DREAMING is injurious NOT ONLY to health ; but to the society as a whole.

Raju said...

People like u (anonymous who posted the comment on spetember 9,2011 at 12.43 pm) has a habit of being jealousy

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